5 Helpful Home Staging Tips


When selling a home it starts with curb appeal.  It doesn’t take much effort to spruce up the mulch beds, mow the lawn and put a nice edge on the driveway and sidewalks.  Take a look at the exterior and find out what areas of the house can be touched up!  A power-washer is a cheap way to clean things up and a little exterior paint can go a long way.


Get rid of the clutter.  Take some time and go through all of the STUFF that takes up space in your home.  I’m sure you can find a few things that you could get rid of.  Have a garage sale.  Not only is this a good way to unload the items that you forgot you had, but you can spread the word about selling the property to your neighbors.  Take down the 32 pictures of the family hanging on the wall by the steps and replace them with something simple! Even if you can’t bear to part with these things, you can always just box them up until after you move.


A fresh coat of paint is a cheap, easy way to clean up the interior.  Try to stay away from extravagant colors.  Neutral colors are the best way to go.


Make sure that you clean everywhere.  You would be surprised the places that buyers look when touring a home.  Don’t forget about the lazy susan and inside the cabinets!  Some buyers will even lift out your vents on the floor to see how dirty your air vents are!  Take the time to shampoo the carpets, if needed.  Clean carpet will help out tremendously and it will also help get rid of most pet odors.


Stay away from overpowering scents and aromas during showings.  It is always best to have a natural aroma like baked cookies.  It would also be wise to take the trash out and clean up the waste baskets throughout the house. Take care of any dirty laundry laying around.  If you have a home with a basement or lower level, invest in a de-humidifier.  This will help get rid of moisture and the damp musty smell.