Refinance your mortgage?

Mortgage Refinancing Tips

SHOULD YOU REFINANCE? There are a number of questions to ask yourself if you are considering refinancing your mortgage. How much is my home worth? In some cases, it’s not worth it to refinance because homeowners owe more on their … Read More

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Appraised vs. Assessed Value

Appraisal vs. assessment: The basics Assessments and appraisals are particularly important when you plan to sell your home because it will help determine Fair Market Value. Appraisal and assessment values are often mixed up with one another, but are quite … Read More

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The Benefits Of Hiring A Buyer Agent

Why and How to Hire A Buyer Agent

As a home buyer you have the right to representation. Listing brokers have a legal responsibility to protect the interests of their client, the sellers. They must treat all non-clients honestly, but they must promote the best interests of the … Read More

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