What to keep in mind when picking a lender to buy your next home

When deciding to purchase a home, the second most important question one can ask after, “Is Jason and The Ford Group available to help me buy my home?” is  “Who is going to be my Lender?” After all, getting a great rate and payment are almost as important as where you are going to live. […]

Raising Interest Rates Again

Interest Rates Rising

CNN Money is reporting that there is a 95% chance the Feds will raise interest rates again today. There are a few things to note, though. Mortgage rates are not expected to go up right away. According to CNN, “The Fed only has a direct impact on short-term interest rates for things like credit card […]

Breaking News: The feds are raising interest rates

The feds are raising interest rates by 1/4 percent.   Interest rates are still at historic lows, over 4% less than they were before the recession hit in 2008.   However, Feds might raise rates more if the economy continues to climb, so if you are in the market to buy a home, it might […]