Listing Checklist

Remove Clutter

Box up everything you don’t need. The less stuff in a house, the bigger it feels. Remove collections and knick-knacks, personal items (including photos), paperwork, minimize furniture and thin out closets. Buyers want to picture themselves in your home. Decluttering helps that vision.

Clean Everything

Cleanliness makes people feel like a house has been taken care of and is in good repair. Start with a mowed lawn and tidy exterior (your buyer’s first impression) and work your way through the house. Remember, buyers can be nosy, opening cabinets and looking under rugs.

Freshen the Air

Try to get rid of unpleasant smells. The top buyer odor complaints are from tobacco, pets, cooking and musty laundry. Fresh flowers, potpourri and freshly baked goods are crowd favorites.

Let There Be Light

Open blinds and pull back the curtains. Replace the bulbs with brighter lights (but not enough to cause a glare). Bright rooms feel bigger and more inviting.

Fix What’s Broken

You don’t have to do everything, but fix the things in your house that buyers will notice the most. Think about your screen doors, interior doors, fences and light switches. Many will insist that you fix these things anyway. Don’t give buyers a reason to offer less on your home.


While you may not want to put much time or effort into a house you are ready to sell, paint is realtively cheap and an easy way to add value to your house. It can cover nicks, get rid of odor and make rooms feel bigger. We can provide you with the best neutral colors to choose from.