Listing Your Property During the Holidays

Why Sell Real Estate In Columbus, OH During The Holiday Season The real estate market not only differs each year, but also from month to month. There are a few false facts about listing a home during various months. The following is information on why sell real estate in Columbus, OH during the holiday season.

Advantages of Pre-approvals

LOAN PRE-APPROVAL: WHY YOU NEED IT So you’ve been browsing potential properties online, and quite a few listings have sparked your attention. Now you’re psyched to go visit them! Surely one of them must be your new dream home. But not so fast. Before shopping for a home, take some time to shop around for […]

Seller Advice on Evaluating Offers

MULTIPLE OFFERS ON YOUR PROPERTY: WHAT TO DO? Well, this appears pretty straightforward. If you have more than one offer on your property, of course you should just accept the best price. Right? Not always. There are a number of factors you will need to consider when weighing multiple offers on your home, including some […]