Preventing Frozen Pipes

Ways To Avoid Freezing Pipes During Winter Cold temperatures bring a whole new set of possible problems for homeowners. One expensive issue is ruptured pipes. Below are some ways to avoid freezing pipes during winter. Why Do Pipes Burst? Within pipes, freezing may develop a blockage. Freezing water expands. You may have noticed this with […]

Appraised vs. Assessed Value

Appraisal vs. assessment: The basics Assessments and appraisals are particularly important when you plan to sell your home because it will help determine Fair Market Value. Appraisal and assessment values are often mixed up with one another, but are quite different. For example, the combined assessed value of all the properties in the city calculates […]

How to Prepare for Closing on Your Home

Real Estate Closings The closing (also referred to as settlement) is typically the final step for a home buyer or seller. It is often a day of both nervousness and excitement. It is helpful to understand what it means to be clear to close, what to expect at closing time and what is required at […]