Preventing Frozen Pipes

Ways To Avoid Freezing Pipes During Winter Cold temperatures bring a whole new set of possible problems for homeowners. One expensive issue is ruptured pipes. Below are some ways to avoid freezing pipes during winter. Why Do Pipes Burst? Within pipes, freezing may develop a blockage. Freezing water expands. You may have noticed this with […]

What is a Home Inspection and Why Do I Need One?

What is a home inspection? A home inspection is an assessment of the structure and all major systems by a trained professional. It usually encompasses an examination of each visible aspect of the interior and exterior of a house. A home inspection is done a few days to a week prior to closing to allow […]

Luxury Home Purchase Tips

TIPS FOR PURCHASING A LUXURY HOME IN CENTRAL OHio In the last few years, the sale of luxury homes all over the world has been breaking records. The demand for such homes has outpaced supply. That means many buyers are competing to bid on the limited number of available luxury homes on the market, driving […]