Breaking News: The feds are raising interest rates

The feds are raising interest rates by 1/4 percent.   Interest rates are still at historic lows, over 4% less than they were before the recession hit in 2008.   However, Feds might raise rates more if the economy continues to climb, so if you are in the market to buy a home, it might […]

Preventing Frozen Pipes

Ways To Avoid Freezing Pipes During Winter Cold temperatures bring a whole new set of possible problems for homeowners. One expensive issue is ruptured pipes. Below are some ways to avoid freezing pipes during winter. Why Do Pipes Burst? Within pipes, freezing may develop a blockage. Freezing water expands. You may have noticed this with […]

Listing Your Property During the Holidays

Why Sell Real Estate In Columbus, OH During The Holiday Season The real estate market not only differs each year, but also from month to month. There are a few false facts about listing a home during various months. The following is information on why sell real estate in Columbus, OH during the holiday season.